Signs Of Solidarity

A Public Art Project in Protest of Hate and Divisiveness

Yuenglingblingbling at Tattooed Mom

Yuenglingblingbling at Tattooed Mom (on South street between 5th and 6th streets)

Artist Statement: “The day after the election I felt an overwhelming amount of shock met with sheer disbelief. But in a moment where I felt utterly lost and hopeless I was quickly overcome by the strength and courage of those who had much more at stake than I did. We can’t go back and change the outcome of the election, but we can make sure that we stand up, speak out and are heard every day rather than sit by idly watching the next four years unfold. We need to continue to act when we see injustice; this is not the time to turn a blind eye because this isn’t about the singular, it is about the collective. This election can be a catalyst to create positive change from the ground up, but only if we work together. Historically, grassroots movements have paved the way for social change by organizing and taking a stand for their own and other’s rights on a national and local level. So it is our job to continue to face hatred with open eyes and immense love as we work together for progress for all people. There is power in numbers and I have hope and trust in my fellow Philadelphians to challenge those who fight to bring us down.”

#SignsOfSolidarity #SignsOfSolidarityPHL