Signs Of Solidarity

A Public Art Project in Protest of Hate and Divisiveness

Sheldon Abba + Bruno Guerreiro at The William Way Center

Sheldon Abba + Bruno Guerreiro at The William Way Center (on Spruce street between 13th and Broad streets)

Note: This sign was MUCH easier to read in real life, but with the tree it’s a bit hard to photograph, so I included a photo of the sign with one of its artists from our drop off day!

Artist Statement: “Angela Davis’s quote reminds us that though discrimination, racism, hate, intolerance and other tools of societal oppression manifest in many ways that the fight for societal liberation also takes place in our minds. ‘She has struggled bravely and with great dignity for decades to demonstrate that education is a form of political intervention in the world and that learning is not about processing received knowledge but actually transforming it as part of a more expansive struggle for individual rights and social justice. She has worked in difficult and shifting circumstances to remind us of the power of education as a central element of inspired self-government. Her scholarship and activism demonstrate the educational force of political and intellectual commitment in its attempts to enlighten the mind and create powerful social movements against a wide range of oppressions.’ -Henry A Giroux ”

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