Signs Of Solidarity

A Public Art Project in Protest of Hate and Divisiveness

Kimberly Connerton at Paradigm Gallery and Studio

Kimberly Connerton at Paradigm Gallery and Studio (at 4th and Fitzwater streets)

Artist Statement: “Sometimes I meditate on everyone in the world being safe and free. This started to happen after I watched a 60 minutes episode about children who were raised to perform sex acts on adults in certain cultures. I was shocked and felt afraid for those children and everyone who was in some kind of slavery. When I thought of the word safe my mind was transported to a beautiful, warm, place that had a burnt orange earth, bright sun, and the bluest sky. When I first moved to Sydney, Australia I found that place I had imagined. Silently, chants I said when I walked around Sydney are now uttered in Philadelphia, “May every living being be safe and free”. Considering what is happening in the world now creating safe spaces filled with art creates a wider more inclusive space for everyone to live in.”

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