Signs Of Solidarity

A Public Art Project in Protest of Hate and Divisiveness


CURVE at 13th and Gerritt streets

Artist Statement: “In the early 1930s, the artist Ben Shahn made a poster with this quote from Bartolomeo Vanzetti, who, in 1927, along with Nicola Sacco were pinned and then executed for a crime they didn’t commit. I used Shahn’s unique lettering style. Ben Shahn wrote the quote with misspellings. Vanzetti had a thick Italian accent. The words feel powerful and very relevant today. Especially when I learned about what happened to these men. 1920s, Sacco and Vanzetti were immigrants, and also labor rights and anti-war activists. Here is the quote, made before they were both executed under a false accusation, amidst worldwide protest.”

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