Signs Of Solidarity

A Public Art Project in Protest of Hate and Divisiveness


Organizer's STATEMENT

Signs of Solidarity is an ongoing, Philadelphia-based public art project in protest of hate and divisiveness. 

The first phase of our Signs of Solidarity project took place on January 20th, 2017 and saw dozens of buildings across the cities of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Atlanta, Georgia drop large, artist-made banners displaying messages of love and inclusivity to stand in opposition to hate and in protest of any and all that embolden divisiveness.  

While January 20th was indeed Trump's inauguration day, Signs of Solidarity was not – and continues not to be – a protest of a single man, but a reaction to what appears to be a global shift towards fear and exclusivity. 

We refuse to accept the normalization of divisiveness and the hate it breeds. Philadelphia is not only the birthplace of American democracy, but the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection. Philadelphia is a better city because of its diverse communities. We’re a better city because of our love and inclusivity. 

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Signs of Solidarity was organized in Philadelphia by curator Eric Preisendanz, artist Aubrie Costello, and Founder/Editor Conrad Benner.

Our project began modestly with the idea a couple of weeks after the election to hang a few banners from a few private homes, but quickly evolved into a massive citywide effort combining the passion and drive of over 30 Philly-area artists, writers, poets, and creatives with the permission and coordination of dozens of local building and business owners. And in late December the project grew to include 30 more artists and buildings in Atlanta after a group of Atlanta Arts organizations heard about the project through one of the Philadelphia participating artist, Michelle Angela Ortiz!



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